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About Us

We ​adhere to all California and Federal Pesticide Safety laws. We continuously review and re-educate ourselves to the policies and practices of our industry.

 Having grown up in Ventura County I recognise is unique place, with many beautiful features. We have a responsibility to protect our customers, while producing minimal effects on the environment. This means that we have to be environmentally conscience with our applications.  This is what Harbor Pest Management is about, doing our part to maintain the integrity of  our industry. With over 20 years experience servicing many different types of  residential and commercial properties, we can design a program that suits your needs. All of our services are performed in the safest manner with the highest quality materials. If you have any question please contact us at (805)797-6242.

Harbor Pest Managementis a Structural Pest Control Company, licensed by the State of California.